Network Security Deployment

Network Security DeploymentNetwork Security Deployment by cattlefield™ is an optimum solution for providing defined, proactive, cost effective and completely professional support for the enterprise IT security.

cattlefield™ offers the following services:

  • Firewall
  • DPI (deep packet inspection)
  • IDS/IPS (intrusion detection system/intrusion prevention system)
  • SIEM
Managed Security Services


cattlefield™ Managed Security Services – Security Operations Made simpler:

In today’s world of competitive and sophisticated expansion scenarios, there is little room left for organizations to look at their enterprise information security posture. In any IP network, almost every device starting from firewalls to servers generates logs of the traffic it carries, the transactions it makes and the activities it conducts. This data is vital to secure the enterprise network. But monitoring thousands of devices, where each device produces thousands of events, every second of a day can be a mammoth task. An important driver of outsourcing security services is to meet regulatory and compliance requirements and to reduce cost, especially in the current environment of highly constrained security budgets where it is almost difficult for organizations to defend themselves against emerging threats and at the same time maintaining the business continuity.

Identity & Access Management

cattlefield™ Identity & Access Management Service

In today’s business scenario, organizations are more and more evolving to increase their accessibility to customers, partners, vendors, suppliers and employees. To keep the pace with the requirement, Enterprises are deploying an ever-increasing number of applications with incompatible security models, inconsistent management of identities and different auditing mechanisms— resulting in inefficiencies, increased risk of identity theft and unauthorized access, and failure to meet regulatory compliance. cattlefield™’s Identity and Access Management Practice provides increased focus to secure the organization and protect confidential and personal data with a comprehensive and focused approach combined with robust solutions and services.

cattlefield™’s Identity and Access Management Offerings:

After a detailed analysis of customer’s requirements and expectations, cattlefield™ has aligned its Identity and Access Management Service offerings in Horizontal and Vertical layers as shown below. The intention of this model is to bind together the horizontal and vertical layers (each offering its own specialized services) seamlessly to drive an end to end Identity and Access Management program.

Business Value and Benefit Statement

cattlefield™’s Identity and Access Management solutions and services provide the following business value for an organization:

User Experience, Productivity and Empowerment
  • Enhance personalization of content and delivery of services through self-service processes
  • Simplifies user sign-on across various applications
IT & Information Management efficiency
  • Streamlines the efforts required to keep the Identity data consistent and up to date
  • Leverages existing infrastructure to reduce unnecessary replication of information across various sites.
Accountability & User Privacy
  • Establishes common grounds for business & technology standards, trust & non-repudiation amongst participating organizations, thereby helping identify accountability.
  • Maintains user privacy regarding the information passed between the participating agencies.
Application Development Agility
  • Accelerates application development cycles through reusable integration and security components.
  • Improving business competitiveness by helping organizations build new services and expose existing applications more quickly.
Achieving ROI
  • Reducing time and resources required to administer user IDs passwords & at the helpdesk for security access issues by providing self service features
  • Minimizing the productivity time lag incurred when new employees are brought onboard and must be provided with specific resources in order to perform their jobs.
  • Eliminating or reducing the possibility of a major breach of security due to insufficient user access controls.