Web Development

Today's websites need to be much more than a checkbox to mark your presence online. They are increasingly becoming holistic marketing tools that may or may not be as easy to search and find as others, that house and share content, that engage users in a memorable way. They are often businesses within themselves.

A well conceived website is an integral part of an organization's communication needs. Offering an attractive and intuitive interface with well structured content and easy-to-use navigation forms a key part of your strategy to telling your story, attracting prospects and closing the deal.

Custom web design

  • Identifying your target market including their demographic makeup
  • Designing a solution to attract prospects, driving traffic and growing your business
  • Integrating customer relationship tools that allow you to track and monitor your sales process
  • Building an administrative back-end for your staff to update content and be self sufficient

Websites empower business growth

A cattlefield™ designed website speaks for itself. With today's demanding audience, the first impression made on a potential customer, an employee or a partner is what counts. In every cattlefield™-created website solution, our goal is to help maximize revenues while minimizing costs. The cattlefield™ team has some of the best website designers who offer a blend of expertise including creative conception, brand awareness, user interaction and technical execution.

cattlefield™ has built a legacy of innovation in website design and development solutions for the largest brands in the world. cattlefield™'s experienced website designers, website developers and website programmers are equipped with insightful business acumen and technical capability that is outside the box.


  • Client Side : HTML5, CSS3,Angular.js,Knockout.js, Ajax, jQuery
  • Server Side : Node.js, PHP, Python, .Net and .Net MVC, Java
  • Database : Redis,MongoDB,Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle,PostgreSQL,SQLite
  • CMS : Drupal, Sitefinity, DotNetNuke
  • E-Commerce : Magento, Prestashop,Ubercart
  • MVC Framework : Yii, Symphony, Zend, CakePHP